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Monday, February 11, 2013

Vintage Valentines, Waving our Hearts

Momo Valentines, circa 1922!

In honor of Valentine's Day this week I thought I would dedicate a post to vintage valentines. Last year my mother-in-law gave me vintage Valentine's that had belonged to Momo, my husbands grandmother. They are quite cute. They were given to her when she was in the first grade, circa 1922! On the back of each one is a patient mothers handwriting: "To Auvaline".

Momo was a very sweet, strong lady. When I knew her she had the prettiest white hair, sharp wit and she adored my husband and because of that she adored me. I have heard stories over the years of her cleaning house in her high heels. Can you imagine cleaning, dusting and pushing around a 1950's vacum in 4" heels? She worked all of her life to make the life of those she loved better. I am so thankful she was a big part of my husbands life because I know she had something to do with the man he is today. And I thank her for that. I will keep her vintage valentines, tucked away somewhere safe, like all hearts should be, for our little G to have one day.
Auvaline Dawson at our wedding, 2002!

Momo valentone, circa 1922
We lost her in April, 2005. I do regret little G did not have the honor to know her and taste her meringue pies. Or hear her tell one of her tall tales. I think they would have adored each other , both bright, tough and sweet as plums. We miss you Momo, and that meringue. Happy Valentines Day, we wave our hearts to you.
Momo valentine, circa 1922

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