Fresh French Home

Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh the Things You Will Find at Market

The Beautiful Logo! I am so happy with it!

 Market was a wonderful experience. I loved each and every second of it. We walked for miles and miles and my little legs were sore but my heart and mind were so very glad I had the opportunity. I found wonderful antiques and other vendors I fell in love with. I have some big choices to make on what lines to carry in the shop. There are many that work with my aesthetic, so the decision will be a hard one. You would be amazed to see so many wonderful things under one roof, I was. And for a shopper , like me, it was paradise. The people were all so kind, full of encouragement and big smiles. I really felt like I was in my element and loving it. This beautiful sconce is from France, it still has euro wiring to change out. I bought four and know where to get more. They are gorgeous. I just love them! 

About the logo, I chose two to work with. This round wreath above and a linear version of the same fonts, colors and wreath, just made longer. I like both and each will serve different purposes. And now it is time to work on the website. I think it should be fairly simple since we have a logo. I want everything consistent! So, be ready to see this everywhere. 

Oh, and I should have the photos of my home tomorrow. I can't wait to see them. I will post a few when I get them and build the website with choice images. It is all coming together. Wednesday is a big day, we meet with people about the location. And who knows, I might have big news about where I am going to be putting my little shop!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Logos, Photos and Choices

Dried arrangement in dining.
 Yesterday was the photo shoot I mentioned in my last post. I think it went well, he was very detail orientated, a good thing in a photographer. I actually chose him because of his macro work I saw on his website The images are of spices and foods, they are quite beautiful and look very editorial. I thought his 'eye' could do the same with the details of my home. I should have the proofs in about 1 to 2 weeks. It is exciting and I know I will get great stuff!
 Now, the logo situation. This is most tricky! I feel a bit lost on deciding anything or even what to ask the designer to do differently. I got the 2nd version of my options yesterday and none of them really "speak" to me. I actually like some in the first round better. I know she can create something great, I love her work and am confident in what she can give me. So, I hope to decide soon! 
 Next week brings Dallas Market. I have never been before but have often fantasized about going. Even when we lived in Dallas I passed it on the highway all the time. I would think, even then, about all the goodies behind those doors. They have 2 big home shows twice a year, January and June. The regular market is open everyday but at the big shows there are "temp" offerings. New, special, never seen product! My toes are curling! This temp show should be very interesting because they will have vintage and antique items for purchase. I so look forward to seeing this. And luckily my ROCK is coming along to help me. He is quite good at helping. He knows my taste and when I need a break. 

Very exciting stuff to come. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Paper Work and Then Some

So, when opening a small business there are about a million things on your to-do list. Others can help but if you are a one woman show it is really all in your head and your list. I probably think about every side of this business from every angle, upside down, sideways, on my head and I know I have yet to think of everything. It is constant, I do not waiver. I peel away to be a mommy but I have my list floating back there, in the multi tasking mommy cortex, you know it well! Truth is I love every single moment of it. Every detail, I love it!Tomorrow brings me more paperwork to fill and file. Every signature is one step closer. Next Monday I have a photo shoot of my own home to capture my taste and design aesthetic. I am excited! I actually studied photography in college and did portraits for people before we left Dallas but I can not take interior shots at all. I love capturing people and I have always felt I was good at it. But interiors elude me. It has to be the light. Anyway, I hope he can capture my home the way I can capture people. I will post a few when the process is complete.