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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Logos, Photos and Choices

Dried arrangement in dining.
 Yesterday was the photo shoot I mentioned in my last post. I think it went well, he was very detail orientated, a good thing in a photographer. I actually chose him because of his macro work I saw on his website The images are of spices and foods, they are quite beautiful and look very editorial. I thought his 'eye' could do the same with the details of my home. I should have the proofs in about 1 to 2 weeks. It is exciting and I know I will get great stuff!
 Now, the logo situation. This is most tricky! I feel a bit lost on deciding anything or even what to ask the designer to do differently. I got the 2nd version of my options yesterday and none of them really "speak" to me. I actually like some in the first round better. I know she can create something great, I love her work and am confident in what she can give me. So, I hope to decide soon! 
 Next week brings Dallas Market. I have never been before but have often fantasized about going. Even when we lived in Dallas I passed it on the highway all the time. I would think, even then, about all the goodies behind those doors. They have 2 big home shows twice a year, January and June. The regular market is open everyday but at the big shows there are "temp" offerings. New, special, never seen product! My toes are curling! This temp show should be very interesting because they will have vintage and antique items for purchase. I so look forward to seeing this. And luckily my ROCK is coming along to help me. He is quite good at helping. He knows my taste and when I need a break. 

Very exciting stuff to come. Stay tuned!

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  1. I like his images -- can't wait to see your shots!