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Kate, mother, wife, fabric fanatic, friend, designer, decorator, happy to be creating a business of beautiful! Now my new hometown is NW Arkansas. A place I never thought I would be, but I love it here more and more each day. We got here by way of Dallas, my previous home for over 12 years then moved to cold and snowy NJ. The city was close and we took advantage of all her offerings but NJ did not suit me, too fast and too much weather. NWA suits me well and the growth of the area is exciting. The people here are wonderful and come from all over the country, the world, in fact. So, this brings me to the shop, Fresh French Home. A destination, lifestyle boutique I am so thrilled and inspired to be thinking about, creating for and building from the bones up. 

My HEART at Easter in 2012!

My HEART! Our little Miss who keeps me on my toes, constantly. She is smart, full of spunk and is our blessing. She has just turned 5, her birthday is only days before Christmas and I always tell her this is a good thing. Everywhere you celebrate will always be beautiful, with lights and trees, and trust me, we never skimp on the birthday. She is inquisitive, takes ice skating lessons and is constantly thinking and creating and has a steel trap memory.
My ROCK  with
Nepali Coast, HI. behind him,
what a rainbow!


 My ROCK! The one person in the entire world who knows everything about me, and I mean everything. He is a wonderful husband and father. It took me awhile to find him, but boy did I get it right. He has so much faith in me and the way he loves our HEART . . . there is nothing better. I also love his laugh, it makes me smile every time I hear it! xoxo.

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