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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FFH Story: What Design Means to Me

This series of posts, FFH Story, will be dedicated to my thoughts on design, daydreams and what new, wonderful things are in the shop. A sneak peak of my newest finds and custom designs. And a place for continual updates on all things Fresh French Home! It will also be a continuing story of what I hope the shop will become, the sensibilities and character I want bring to FFH. 

Aesthetics (also spelled √¶sthetics) is a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of artbeauty, and taste, with the creation and appreciation of beauty.[1][2] It is more scientifically defined as the study of sensory or sensori-emotional values, sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste.[3] More broadly, scholars in the field define aesthetics as "critical reflection on art, culture and nature." (wikipedia)

I have always been the creative type and there have been times in my life that I got bogged down in something else, distracted and not truly myself. Every time this happens, without fail, I feel a little distant from myself. And I have learned I need to be creating something to feel truly happy. 

Creativity can come in many forms. I can feel content planning a new garden, choosing paint colors, designing a new kitchen or designing a new business. I write all this to tell you more of who I am and where I have started and why and what I want my shop, your shop to be. And I think it should all start with learning how to "see", developing an ability to look at things, color, shape, pattern and texture more keenly. 

In college I studied a number of subjects. My eventual degree was in Art education and I have enough hours in photography to consider it my minor. Art education is comprised of education principles and pedagogy classes and luckily for me numerous hours in fine arts. 

I think I really began to see things in a different way after my first photography course. The assignment; only take photographs of shadows with black and white film. I loved this assignment. And from that moment I never saw anything the same again. Something about the light against the dark, the contrast made everything standout. I would see shapes within shapes, textures and patterns more clear, relationships of space and size changed and so did I.

In Art history I visually dissected  paintings. Discovering shapes, color and pattern and their relationships to each other and the overall purpose of the painting. I studied aesthetic philosophy for the "Art" in my education degree. The point was to understand and have the tools to implement the ideas of aesthetics in the classroom. This changed me too. I grew to learn how to see the basic function and beauty in everyday objects, how to perceive and untangle the visual layers of design, paintings, pattern and shapes. 

And I believe all of this has lead me to here, creating Fresh French Home. My ideas of design rest here, in the idea of "seeing" more deeply, keenly. And the desire to marry function with beauty. The thought that your home should be functional, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

I will post more on aesthetics and ideas about learning to "see" in the coming weeks. 

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