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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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What a great 2 weeks the shop has had! Finally, it all came together, a crescendo, a final curtain call of my ideas and daydream. The shop has had great traffic for a new place. I don't know statistics of what is good or bad, but on the whole I feel great about the feedback the shop is getting. And as items sell I quickly get busy replacing, filling the open spot with more goodies.

I think my most memorable shoppers was a group of three ladies who visited last week. One of them visited in the morning, purchased a tulip painting and said she would bring her friends. Little did I know she meant a few hours later! In a while, 3 ladies walked through my door, the last being the tulip lady from the morning.
One of them reminisced of her last vacation, she and her family went to Normandy. One of my many Confits caught her eye, she had eaten the same on Camembert cheese on her travels.
French jazz played in the background and as she made her way through the shop she commented " we heard this same song in France".
All of this tickled me happy. This is what I wanted FFH to be. Something familiar, restful, a place to bring people joy.

They eyed my French lollie's at the checkout and I gladly gave them one. They unwrapped and enjoyed them immediately, one lemon and one raspberry.

Thank you ladies, you made my week!

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