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Saturday, April 13, 2013

And The Address Is. . .

I don't normally post on a Saturday but what a few weeks it has been! I have been so busy, with shop plans, lease agreements and family matters that I have been in a tail spin. But, I have a wonderful announcement, I have a lease, a great spot to set up shop and bring my daydreams to life.

little g writing a new story at the shop!

The address of Fresh French Home:
709 SW A St. No. 5

It has been a long time coming. And honestly, I am quite surprised of my patience, not usually one of my virtues! But, I have stayed on course, possibly gained a few new wrinkles and gray hairs (I cover those anyway) and have won a space. The new house of Fresh French Home! I can't wait for the Grand Opening! Coming Soon!
FFH before the transformation

There is much to do, as you can imagine. Painting, hanging new and old chandy's. Deciding where to place the checkout, paint colors, filling nail holes, designing and ordering a sign. Placing orders and more orders, creating one of a kind designs that I hope you love. The list of starting a business is long, but so exhilarating and wonderfully challenging. 
another view!

I will be adding pictures of the metamorphosis as the shop develops and posting about all the great things to come. 

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  1. So exciting, Kate. - cant wait to be able to shop there! Have fun getting everything set up.