Fresh French Home

Friday, December 28, 2012

Summer Daydream

Bonne Annee, Happy New Year

Today,as it snows I am writing the first post to my first blog. All of this is to tell the tale of my new venture, Fresh French Home. A lifestyle boutique for the heart and home. Since this past Summer I have been daydreaming, whispering about this, my wish to bring something special and different to my new hometown of NW Arkansas. This place, my shop will become my vision of all things lovely with a twist of french, beautiful practicality and a pinch of whimsy! Showcasing fresh designs, upscale furnishings and a lovely place to sit a spell with southern hospitality creating a place of refinement. So, this blog has two purposes. # one, a place to collect all of my thoughts and plans and visions of the shop and # 2 to give someone, anyone,"out there" a glimpse into the shops schedules and a timeline of how it all came to be from day one,or close to day one anyway.
Since my daydream began events have been serendipitous to lead me to gain more and more confidence in my abilities. As scary as this all is, I have wonderful people around me, supporting me every step of the way. How lucky and blessed each of them makes me feel. In my days or moments of being scared each of them believes in me and the possibilities of Fresh French Home! What greater gift is there than people who love and have faith in you?
Happy New Year. Here is to Fresh beginnings!


  1. So exciting, Kate... I know your shop will be a very special place and that your blog will give us a wonderful spot to share your vision! Bon chance!

  2. It is going to be perfect, Kate. This is a wonderful way to share the process. Hooray for Fresh French Home!
    Aidan xo